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Along with 11 other Trusted Experts
11 hours of education that will TRANSFORM your life!
                 (Bonus audio tracks included too!)
Education and inspiration so that you can live an enriched and abundant life
Topics Include:
  • Creating profitable businesses that allow you the freedom to live your ultimate lifestyle
  • Building better relationships by understanding the different ways that men and women view the world
  • Shortening your learning curve and motivating yourself to achieve a goal
  • Strategies for talking back to your mental chatter that can derail your commitment and success
  • Making steady progress on your biggest goals
  • Building your team to help get your message, services, and products out to the world
  • Creating laser-like focus on the goals, priorities, habits, and relationships that are most important to your success
  • Fixing your environments to achieve greater success
  • Learn practical strategies to dream bigger than you ever thought possible
  • Understand the power of networking - who you know is huge in achieving your success




Discover 12 Real-Life Stories and Lessons of Achievement to Inspire Your Journey


“Life is simply a connect-the-dots game, and all the dots have already been identified and organized by someone else. All you have to do is follow the blueprint.” ~ Jack Canfield, The Success Principles


Keeping your mind constantly focused on your goals can take a lot of effort. That’s why successful people make it a priority to nurture themselves with a steady diet of motivation and inspiration.


That’s where Jack Canfield’s Success Profiles comes in.


During this exciting 12-DVD program, you’ll get a front row seat as Jack interviews some of the greatest teachers in the human potential movement, leaders from the business community, and inspiring individuals with amazing stories to learn from. Watch, listen and learn as these luminaries share their stories and hard-won wisdom.


You’ll gain insight into how high achievers think. Inspiration from their tales of triumph over sometimes-overwhelming odds. Practical advice you can put to work immediately. And habits, attitudes and strategies you can model as you practice living the success principles.


This powerful DVD collection (and 12 bonus audio CDs) includes 12 inspirational interviews:


DISC 1 - Inspired Income, Inspired Life: Secrets to Getting from Broke & Busy to Rich and Relaxed


  Featuring Nikki Nitz


  • 3 key components of a successful business - and the one most entrepreneurs overlook

  • Where to start if you want to feel passionate and inspired about your work (most entrepreneurs do this in reserve)

  • 7 critical mistakes that entrepreneurs make that keep them stressed about money and unfulfilled at work

  • Where the economy is heading...and why entrepreneurs are primed to take advantage of this coming trend



DISC 2 - Venus on Fire, Mars on Ice: How Stress and Hormones Affect Your Relationships


  Featuring John Gray


  • The role that hormones play in our natural behavior

  • How hormonal "role reversal" can cause relationship issues...and how to avoid it

  • Why women suffer from four times the stress of men and why reducing this stress is the key to unlocking a better relationship

  • The biggest mistakes men and women make when communicating with each other



DISC 3 - Efficient Peak Performance: Getting Your Best Results in Less Time


  Featuring Tim Ferriss


  • 5 key questions to ask to shorten your learning curve and maximize your success

  • How the process you use to learn a new skill can impact your results … and help you test assumptions about yourself and success

  • The best way to motivate yourself to achieve a goal

  • How to failure-proof your program



DISC 4 - Understanding the Opposite Sex: Strategies for Creating Fulfilling Relationships


  Featuring Alison Armstrong


Everything you want to accomplish in life requires relationships – and few relationships are as important as the one with your spouse or partner.

  • The top things that men and women do wrong when trying to relate to each other

  • Proven strategies for creating more satisfying, fulfilling, partnership-based relationships

  • How (and where) men and women experience love and fear … and why knowing this will help you better understand your partner

  • The qualities that are most attractive to men … and which to focus on to attract the type of man (and attention) you want



DISC 5 - Taking Action: The Feedback Machine


  Featuring James Malinchak


The universe rewards action – and during this idea-packed interview, you’ll learn how to get more done:

  • The 3-prong framework that will help you achieve success in every area of life

  • The 4Ds for keeping your mind and space clear of clutter

  • The surprising way that successful people reframe their to-do lists

  • Why taking action faster is critical on an energetic level to co-create success with the universe.



DISC 6 - Uncompromising Commitment: Cultivating a "No Matter What" Attitude


  Featuring Lisa Nichols


If you’re serious about achieving your dreams, one of the most powerful decisions you can make is to adopt a “no matter what” attitude. Discover:

  • The surprising truth about the role your past plays in determining your future

  • Why your most challenging and painful experiences are gifts in disguise

  • How to fully leverage the opportunities your life experience offers

  • Strategies for talking back to the mental chatter that can derail your commitment and success



DISC 7 - The System of Goal Setting


  Featuring Jack Canfield


Taking charge of your results in life starts with setting goals for what you want to achieve. Discover:

  • 3 proven techniques for setting goals

  • The right number of goals to work on at a single time

  • Common traps and pitfalls that prevent you from setting goals correctly – and achieving them

  • The 5 most important strategies to use to make your goals a reality



DISC 8 - Expanding Your Team: Creating the Framework for Growth


  Featuring Ivan Misner


Your ability to build, nurture and work with others will directly impact your ability to achieve your goals – particularly in business. Discover:

  • Ways to systematize your business while allowing room for innovation

  • How to ensure that your company stays true to your vision as it grows

  • Tips for tapping into your employees’ best ideas without sacrificing all of the work you’ve done in systematizing your business

  • How to use the 12x12x12 rule to ensure that the impression you’re giving to the others is the one you want to project



DISC 9 - The Power of Focus: Hit Your Goals with 100% Certainty


  Featuring Les Hewitt


The #1 reason that people don’t achieve their personal and professional goals is a lack of focus. Discover:

  • 4 fundamentals you need to be able to focus on and achieve your goals

  • Why long-term goal-setting doesn’t work … and what timeframe you should work with instead when setting goals

  • The 7 types of goals to set if you want to create an integrated lifestyle

  • The proven 3-step process that makes achieving your goals easier and more fun



DISC 10 - Create Your World to Support the Achievement of Your Goals: The 9 Environments of You


  Featuring Jim Bunch


Your world is composed of 9 environments – and every one impacts your success in a different way. Discover:

  • The top 3 ways that environments impact your success

  • The most important environment to fix first – and the one that most people overlook

  • How to modify your environments to make them more supportive

  • The best type of environment in which to set goals (hint: different goals require different environments)



DISC 11 - Go for Your Dreams: Unleashing the Transformative Power of Dreaming


  Featuring Marcia Wieder


Dreams have the power to change the world, at both an individual and societal level. Discover how to dream bigger than you ever thought possible and:

  • 2 questions to get in touch with your dreams and gauge your conviction

  • 3 practices to help you live your life on purpose

  • The critical mistakes that most people make when dreaming … and how it artificially limits their success

  • 4 reasons that sharing your dreams will help you achieve greater success



DISC 12 - Networking: Leveraging Relationships for Greater Success


  Featuring Joe Sweeney


The more people you know, the stronger your relationships are, and the more you seek their support, the more successful you’ll be. Discover:

  • How to reframe what networking is so it becomes easier and more fun to do

  • How your family birth order can influence the way you approach networking

  • The 2 most powerful questions to ask people when you are networking

  • The surprising thing to reveal about yourself that practically guarantees that the people you meet will be willing to help you



Tap into the vast wisdom you need to achieve the physical, mental, emotional, financial and spiritual success you deserve. Order your copy of this inspirational and idea-packed program now.